10 Tips to Easily Increase Engagement on Instagram in 2019

Engagement is the most important factor to succeed on Instagram in 2019. Follow these 10 easy tips to increase your engagement and rock the discovery page.

Infographic How to Increase Instagram Engagement

1. Tell a Story in Your Post Caption

Telling a Story in Your Caption Increases Instagram Engagement

Captions are often overlooked, and many users invest more time into hashtags and choosing the right filters.

Captions are important because they are an effective way to make your followers comment on your posts and videos, which will increase your engagement and push your account even more.

Good captions provide context for your audience. Don’t state the obvious and give background information.

You can even use emojis to capture the attention of your audience. Almost 50% of all Instagram captions include emojis.

Use mentions in your captions to connect with other Instagram users. This makes it easier for your audience to explore new profiles and is the best way to promote each other on Instagram.

2. Call to Action

Include a Call to Action to Increase Instagram Engagement

Always call to action.  This is the easiest way for your followers to engage with your business or brand.

Ask them to check out your new story post, which is linking to a sale or simply ask them to click on the link in your bio to learn more about you.

That’s how you can easily drive traffic to your online shop or blog.

If you are starting a contest, make sure your followers use your branded hashtag.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience is probably the easiest thing you can do.

Be proactive and lead discussions in your comment sections.

Like constructive comments.

Answer questions or simply say “thank you”.

Make sure to mention the users you are referring to in the comment.

Answering to DMs can go a long way and create new relationships.

4. Engage With Similar Accounts in Your Niche

Increase Instagram Engagement by Engaging With Similiar Accounts in Your Niche

Engaging with other users in your niche is an easy way to grow.

You don’t need to follow/unfollow these users. This won’t increase engagement, it might get you new followers but rather decrease engagement.

Like their content.

Comment on posts from these users.

Add value to their posts with your comments. You will make yourself more visible and those users will come back to your feed and engage with your posts.

5. Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

Using too many hashtags will make you seem spammy.

You can use up to 30 hashtags, but many brands only use seven or fewer hashtags.

If you use many hashtags, more users will see your posts and videos. But your content gets less relevant and users are less likely to engage with your content, which will decrease your engagement drastically.

6. Use The Right Hashtags

Create Sets of Hashtags to Easily Add Them to Your Posts

Using hashtags that match your content is key. Why? Because you target users that are interested in your content.

If you use popular and broad hashtags (#instagood), your content will be shown to millions of users who don’t really care and who won’t engage with your post, which will inevitably lower your engagement.

Find proper hashtags that fit your content. These hashtags are followed by users who are actually interested in your content and who are more likely to hit that heart button or even comment on your post.

These hashtags are usually smaller (fewer posts) but are more targeted. If you only want to get more followers (bots and ghost followers), broad and popular hashtags are your way to go.

Don’t use banned hashtags. Using banned hashtags can get you shadowbanned.

This guide shows you how to make the best out of hashtags and how to find the best ones for your niche.

7. Post at Peak Times

Check When Your Followers Are Online to Increase Instagram Engagement

Posting at peak times increases engagement because more users will see your content.

The best time to post in general is between 9am-11am EST. But since Instagram updated their algorithm to be more “timely”, you should check the numbers yourself.

Use your Instagram Insights and test it out.

Post at different times and save the numbers of likes and comments in a spreadsheet. This might be time-consuming but will have a great impact on your engagement later on.

8. Ask Questions

Asking questions is the easiest way to make your followers engage with your content.

You should add questions to your captions.

Moreover, ask questions in your stories. Simply choose the questions sticker and do your own Q&A with your followers.

Answer comments on your posts with questions, so that users see that you care and that you are really interested in your audience.

9. Create a Unique Feed

Rearrange Your Instagram Feed to Increase Engagement

Differentiate yourself from the crowd. Try to create unique content.

Use your brand’s colors and put your logo (if possible) in every post.

Don’t repost too much (except you are a meme page).

Arrange your feed in a special way to stand out.

If you are different, users will easier recognize you or your brand and they will have a higher incentive to engage with your content again.

10. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Join Instagram Pods to Increase Engagement

Engagement groups can be vital for your growth, especially in the beginning.

These groups are also known as “DM groups”, “engagement pods” or “telegram groups”.

Instagrammers come together in a group and give each other likes and comments to boost their engagement in the initial phase after posting to increase the chances of the post going viral and getting to the explore page.

It’s pretty easy to join these groups. There are multiple ways:

Ask other users in your niche if you can join their group or ask them to join yours

Ask in the subreddit r/Instagram on Reddit and other Redditors will answer your call

Simply google for engagement groups in Telegram to find free groups you can join

The groups in Telegram are usually the largest. But don’t forget to follow the rules and to like and comment on other users’ posts.

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