How to Get More Instagram Followers Organically by Targeted Liking

In our second Instagram growth guide, we will explain how you can get more followers by simply liking other users’ posts and videos. This method can be time-consuming but will get you real and engaged followers. The tasks for this strategy can be automated but we don’t encourage anybody to use bots for this since Instagram bans any account that seems to use automation. 

If you’ve missed our first growth strategy, you can find the guide here and learn how to utilize Reddit to drive traffic to your Instagram account.

Instagram Growth Strategy: More Followers by Liking

If you want to grow your Instagram account simply by liking other Instagrammers posts, you need to bear in mind that your own Instagram profile needs to be on point. Here is the underlying principle of this strategy:

  • You like a post
  • The user checks out your profile
  • Your Instagram profile must convert that visit

So, your Instagram profile needs to be clear and engaging. The things a visitor sees first on your profile have to make him follow you. That includes:

  • Profile picture
  • Profile description
  • Your last 6-9 posts

To increase the chances of that Instagram user actually following you, we need to strategically select the posts we are going to like. If you think your profile will do its job, we can start selecting users that are likely to follow you. These users should be:

  • Active
  • Interested in your content
  • Relevant to your niche
  • In your area (for businesses)

How to grow your account organically?

Method 1: Target your competitors’ followers

This method works for influencers, niche accounts and businesses as well. You want to target Instagram users that engage with content that is similar to yours. Instagrammers that comment on posts are usually more engaged and active than users that simply like a post. So, here’s the step-by-step guide:

1. Find out who your competitors are

If you haven’t already done this, search your niche for other businesses or influencers. Make a list of your competitors and add the most important information (followers, engagement). It’s up to you, how many accounts you want to target with this strategy. We would recommend selecting at least 10 accounts a day to see an increase in your own following. If you have more time to spare, target as many accounts as you want. The more the better. 

Here’s an example of a list of competitors we created for one of our clients in the fashion niche:

If you find an account with an engagement rate less than 3%, feel free to skip that account. Engagement rates that low usually indicate that the user has many fake followers or just posts really bad content. If you want to check other accounts for fake followers, check out the tools we analyzed in this article. Engagement rates above 10% are top-notch, but the average engagement on Instagram is below 5%. We analyzed 100 accounts in the fashion niche and calculated the average engagement rate. It was just 3,28%.  

2. Find the most engaged users

Now that you found the accounts you want to target, it’s time to start your liking-spree. Check out the comments of your competitors posts. That’s where you’ll find the most engaged users. Find the commenters that:

  • Have a profile picture (preferably of themselves)
  • Write genuine comments (no spam)
  • Ask questions or start conversations

You will probably stumble upon comments that look like this too:

Those are usually automated comments. Don’t even bother reading them and keep looking for conversation starters.

3. Start liking posts of engaged Instagram users

You found the users, who are interested in your content. The next step is to like their posts. You don’t want to like their comments. You want to like their last post. Liking their post is much more impactful than simply liking all the comments you see. Imagine you are that user. You receive a like on a comment. So, what? But when you receive a like from an unfamiliar account on one of your posts, you check out their profile. If the profile is built to convert and if the feed is no collection of stockphotos, be prepared to gain new followers

Method 2: Target local followers

This method will gain you followers from a specific region. Why would you want to gain followers from a specific city? If you are a local business, service provider or influencer, followers from around the world are pretty useless for you. You can’t sell your cakes from your San Diego based bakery to followers from Melbourne, Australia. 

There are two ways to reach potential followers from your area. If there are enough competitors in your proximity, you can follow Method 1 and search for their Instagram accounts and follow the steps above. 

If there aren’t enough competitors that use Instagram in your area, follow these steps:

1. Find users and posts from your area with Instagram Location

Search for your location on Instagram and switch to “PLACES”: 

Locations in San Diego
Location section for San Diego
  • Check out the top posts for that location
  • Leave a like
  • Look through the comments and repeat point 2 and 3 from Method 1

2. Find users and posts from your area with Instagram hashtags

The second way to reach Instagram users from your area is to search for local hashtags. Search for your location and switch to “TAGS”.

  • Check out the top posts for that tag
  • Leave a like
  • Look through the comments and repeat point 2 and 3 from Method 1

From our experience we can say that it’s often easier to gain new followers from your area. Especially if you are a brick and mortar store. Users can easier identify with you or may even know about you. 

Instagram action blocks and bans

We need to mention blocks and bans at this point. You may know that we’ve tried to give you a deep insight about Instagram shadowbans and the recent ban wave

You’re going to give out many likes with this method. And as long as you don’t use bots for liking thousands of posts on a daily basis, you won’t receive any restrictions to your account.  The hourly limit for likes stands at 750. Even if you would follow this method for an hour straight, you wouldn’t get close to 750. 

We know that many of you used bots in the past, so we wanted to make this clear. Bots don’t work anymore. Repetitive tasks, such as liking, can easily be automated, but Instagram’s algorithm is now smart enough to detect that kind of automation. Unless you want to get action blocked, don’t use any kind of automation for this method.

Thanks for reading this far! Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment below or shoot us an email. We’d appreciate it!

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