Instagram’s Shadowban: All You Need to Know in 2019

Are your posts not showing up in the hashtags? And is your engagement dropping and your follower count decreasing? If that’s the case, you might be “shadowbanned”.

Let’s dive right into this mysterious matter!

What is an Instagram Shadowban?

A shadowban on Instagram is a hidden penalty on your account. You don’t get notified that you are shadowbanned. Your posts won’t be shown in the hashtag section and won’t reach the explore page. Your content will only be shown to your followers. You will experience a decrease in your reach and it will be harder for you to gain new followers.

Shadowbanned Instagram Insights

Is the Instagram Shadowban Real?

Yes, it is. Many say that there is no such thing as a “shadowban”. But Instagram can restrict your account for wrong behavior, with or without calling it a shadowban. The term is mainstream and a lot of users on Instagram use it as an excuse for their decline in reach and engagement. 

instagram help center

Instagram says that they will restrict accounts that go against the Community Guidelines. They especially state that only followers will be able to see posts of accounts that get restricted. Which means that Instagram won’t shadowban you out of the blue. There will be a reason. You will have to figure out what was wrong to prevent it from happening again.

Not following their Community Guidelines or Terms of Use may result in Instagram deleting your content, disabling your account or other restrictions.

How to Check if You Are Shadowbanned?

There are two ways for you to find out if your Instagram account has been hit with a shadowban.

But don’t forget that Instagram will only shadowban you for a reason. If you didn’t notice any changes to your account, it doesn’t mean that a shadowban is the reason for your low engagement.

Take a look at your Instagram Insights.  A shadowbanned account will show consistently low reach.  The bars will form a flat line and won’t show any irregularities.

shadowbanned instagram account

1. Use a Different Account to Check if You Are Shadowbanned

Find another user or create a new account that is not following your main account. If that user can’t see your post under the hashtag you used, you are shadowbanned. Keep in mind that you might want to use a small hashtag (with a low amount of posts) so your post won’t get buried under millions of other posts.

2. Instagram Shadowban Tester in 2019

instagram shadowban tester im 2019

This is probably an easier way. You can use a  shadowban analyzer tool to check if you are shadowbanned. You just have to enter your Instagram handle and it will check your last ten posts the same way you would do manually. It will simply check if your posts are shown in the used hashtags. But stay frosty here! These are not official tools. Don’t trust them 100%. We would recommend to always ask someone to check the hashtags manually to be on the safe side.

If you are not shadowbanned – congratulations! But if your engagement is still down, you should rethink your strategy and your content. This hashtag guide may be helpful to rework your hashtag strategy.

We even created a list of 10 easy tips to increase your engagement, just in case.

How Long Does an Instagram Shadowban Last?

instagram shadowban length 14 days

The Instagram shadowban lasts for 14 days. Many users claim that they have been shadowbanned for several weeks or even months. That can’t be the truth. Always check Instagram’s Insights. Numbers don’t lie. Your insights will match the numbers from the picture above. Two weeks of consistently low reach and after that your account should be back to normal.

Is the Instagram Shadowban Permanent?

No, it is not. The shadowban lasts exactly 14 days. We had the feeling to make this clear since there were so many users worried their accounts would never recover.

How to Remove an Instagram Shadowban?

Instagram shadowbans you for a reason, as we have said. Why would they withdraw the shadowban if they think that you have violated their guidelines?

They won’t. That’s the point. Once you are shadowbanned, you will have to wait for 14 days to get back to normal. 

Some Instagrammers claim that they fixed their accounts by promoting their posts (with money). Sadly we didn’t test this with our dummy account. But there is a large number of users who were furious after spending money on promotions without seeing any increase in their reach or engagement. So we advise against it.

Just wait it out and keep interacting with your audience. Don’t stop posting, reduce the number of posts and don’t put out your best content out there during this period.

How to Avoid an Instagram Shadowban?

There are a lot of things you actually have to care about if you don’t want to offend Instagram’s algorithm. Here is a quick list of all the things that can get you shadowbanned. Make sure you avoid all of the following mistakes:

#1 Don‘t Use Banned or Broken Hashtags

If a hashtag is being flooded by spammy or inappropriate content, Instagram will “ban that hashtag”. So, new posts with that hashtag won’t be shown and your account will be flagged by Instagram. This is especially frustrating if totally innocent hashtags are on Instagram’s blacklist, such as #snowstorm.

If you want to know how to check if your hashtag is banned, check the last section of our new hashtag guide.

Go to the hashtag section and click on RECENT. It will look like this if the new update hasn’t rolled out for you yet.

#2 Don’t Use Bots to Follow, Like and Comment

You have seen them before. Posts with hundreds of likes by users without a profile picture, no posts, and no followers. Yep, these are bots. And they can follow anybody and comment on any posts. Those comments are usually totally unrelated to the post (“looks great”, “nice post”) and are followed by some silly emojis.

Instagram hates these bots. They decrease engagement, are spammy and bring zero value to the community. That’s why Instagram is keen on deleting those accounts. You gain nothing but ghost followers from using these tools.

If you are using an auto-post scheduler, you should make sure that it doesn’t violate Instagram’s terms of service. This practically means that your scheduler must use Instagram’s Business API (only Business Accounts can use those tools). Some useful and safe tools are Buffer and Later.

#3 Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags

You can only use 30 hashtags in a post. Here you can find the official guideline. That doesn’t mean you have to use so many hashtags. But using 30 hashtags in a single post makes you seem spammy. Don’t be that guy.

By the way, it doesn’t matter whether you place the hashtags in the caption or in the comments. But don’t place 30 in the caption and another 30 in the comments. This won’t work because the post will be posted using the first 30 hashtags applied in the caption. This article explains how to use hashtags to grow even faster.

#4 Don’t Overdo it

Instagram has set different limits on different actions within the app. You can only like 350 times per hour. Giving out more likes in one hour will get you flagged by Instagram for spam (one more reason not to use bots).

Don’t follow too many accounts. The limit is set to 7,500 accounts.  You will receive a warning: “Error: You can’t follow any more people” if you try to exceed that number. If you really need to follow one more account at that point, you will have to unfollow somebody first.

action limits for instagram

We have seen many articles saying that a two-day break from Instagram resets your account. Essentially, you should log out and not come back to your favorite app for 48 hours. We can’t confirm this. We actually tested it on a flagged account but there were no changes. Moreover, we don’t think that this would make any change, why would it? The general opinion that a shadowban lasts for two weeks seems to be more popular and supported.

Reporting this issue to Instagram probably will have no effect as well. The reporting system of Instagram is ruled by bots. So, there’s a machine reading your report on the other end. As we can see from the help that hacked users get, don’t expect any actions from Instagram here as well.

Don’t Hurt the Algorithm’s Feelings

Whether there is a shadowban or not, Instagram has the ability to restrict and flag your account. If the almighty algorithm decides that your account is spammy or violates their rules in any other way, your reach will be cut, and you won’t be able to put your great content out there so that everybody can see it. If you follow these tips, you are on the safe side and your engagement can keep growing and growing!

Join our Instagram Marketing Discord server! We’re trying to build an online community focused on the business and marketing side of Instagram. Discord is the perfect place to discuss anything related to Instagram or to just have a chat with other Instagrammers!

Any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment or shoot us an email! We would appreciate it.

101 thoughts on “Instagram’s Shadowban: All You Need to Know in 2019”

  1. Is there any way at all that a shadowban can become permanent? What if I have reported the problem through the app multiple times and used some pretty colorful language?

    • Hey Dylan, thank you for your comment!
      Don’t worry, Instagram’s report system is totally automated. Your reports probably won’t have any effect on your ban.
      A shadowban usually only lasts 14 days. But Instagram started purging its platform of bots and other inauthentic activity. The penalties resulting from that ban wave are not the same as the “old” shadowban. Many users get action blocked and their accounts get flagged for an undefined time.
      We might need more information to help you out. Do you know why you got shadowbanned? Are your posts appearing in the hashtag section? What do your impressions look like?


      • I’ve been shadow banned since November 18th and it’s not going away. /:

        I’ve lost basically all my sales, I.E I’m not making any merchandise sales anymore and my engagement dipped by about 90% and has stayed down since the 18th….

        This is killing my mustang brand, I don’t know what to do….

        Thanks so much, Jordan

        • My posts reach has shrunk dramatically, but i verified that my hashtags are not banned. So, what’s happened? I have a an idea: I use two accounts. The main one and another one that i use just to follow similar pages and to contact them by dm. After some dm activities with this second account, instagram send me a message that my dm will be blocked for some days, because i used a service to improve my followers (but it’s not real: i just sent messages to 10 other instagram accounts). But, and this is weird, the reach of the main account – which i don’t use to send dm – has shrunk. Is it possible that instagram punished me on the main account for things done with the secondary one? i use both with the same app on the same phone.

        • Are you still shadowbanned because the same happend to me a month ago and i’m still waiting for my account being allowed to reach a audience beside my followers.

  2. Yes I was shadowbanned for posting something that was “against Instagram guidelines” even though celebrities post what I posted all the time and get away with it…it was literally just a picture of a nug of weed. Literally AS SOON as I put it on my story my account was flagged and I haven’t appeared in hashtags or had any reach since. Will this change or am I permanently shadowbanned?

    • Action blocked means you are not allowed to like or comment for a specific amount of time. But that’s not the case here.
      When did you post that story? Has it been 14 days already?
      You shouldn’t be shadowbanned permanently.

      You said it happened immediately after posting the story. Did you use hashtags in that story? That might be the reason why it happened so fast. There are specific hashtags blacklisted by IG. Using them usually gets your account flagged.

      You can send us an email with screenshots of your impressions before and after that story post. That might help.

      • I was running an instagram promotion but now it’s been stopped . I can’t run any promo any more .Ive requested for a review but no reply yet . Do you think it will take long or within 14 days everything will be back to normal. And why did it happen that way

    • Hello, I saw you were helping people with this shadowban and was hoping you can give me some information? Within one week I used the same hashtags in the comment section 3 times, I’ve heard rumors that its good, I even saw influencers who had 50k to 400k use the same hashtags. This time when I posted, the word “hashtags” did not appear on my insights. I did the hashtag trick, signed into another account and it’s clear that I’m shadowbanned. But my confusion is I’ve been hearing that you have to log out and delete the app and not use it within 14 days, now I’m hearing that you can stay logged in but just not like/comment or post? If I have to log out of my account, can I make a new account and just use Instagram for entertainment purposes? Which one is it? ;(

      • Hey! Sorry to hear that you are shadowbanned. You don’t have to log out and don’t have to delete the app. Your profile is saved on Instagram’s servers, not your phone. You can still keep posting, commenting and liking. You just won’t see that much growth anymore.
        I hope that helped!

  3. They said my post “promoted the sale of illegal goods” but I’ve NEVER used Instagram to sell anything it was just a picture and I also live in a legal state. I can prove that I’ve never sold anything through instagram I’ve never even advertised anything for sale on Instagram. I really hope I’m not permanently shadowbanned because of this as it took a lot of work to get my account followers where they are now.

    • Hi there,
      I think I have been shadowbanned and I really don’t know why that is. My account is a professional one displaying pictures of homemade home decoration. It’s a relatively new account (3 months old), the hashtags I have been using are totally legit, I managed to be in the top list of certain hashtags and that started getting me more visibility and more followers. And then out of the freaking blue, my posts stopped appearing in the hashtags and voilà! It’s so frustrating as I am about to launch the online store for my home decor objects, and I couldn’t have anticipated such a handicap.
      It has been 14 days and this situation still persists. Needless to say, I reported this problem to Instagram but with no response from them.
      What am I supposed to do?
      Please enlighten me if you can. Really appreciate your time.

      • Hey there,
        Instagram won’t answer. Their report & complaint system is automated.
        You said that your hashtags are totally legit. Have you checked for banned tags?
        Have your impressions varied in the last two weeks? And do you know what might have triggered this?
        Many users are currently experiencing lower reach. Instagram seems to be cracking down on organic growth.

  4. What is action blocked? I can still post and stuff I just don’t show up in any hashtags and I feels like I have no growth. Would I know if I was flagged and action blocked?

  5. Hello,

    Thank you for this article. I’m having problems figuring out if I’m shadowbanned or not, and what to do about it. The bar you outlined, “discovery”, is not flat for me, but “actions taken on your account” is flat and low. Some of my posts don’t appear in hashtags, but others do. How can I determine what’s going on? This problem started on Oct 23, which happens to also be my birthday. Thanks Instagram.

    Looking forward to your advice. Thank you!

    • Hey Ken!
      If some of your posts appear in the hashtags, you aren’t shadowbanned. Do you know what might have triggered this that day?

      • Hey guys. I have had issues with fake followers following my account ! I have had to block hundreds of them, now they are all bock and off my account. My hashtaged post aren’t appearing on the instagram…and my reach as been restricted ! Do you know what I can do ?

        • Hey Thomas!
          Looks like you are shadowbanned. Do you get any impressions from hashtags in your insights?
          The only thing you can do is wait, sadly.
          All the “solutions” you can find online (log out, pay for promotions, etc.) don’t work.

  6. Hi!!! I’m from Brazil and I was shadowbanned. I didn’t know about the unfollow “rules” and I did unfollow 10 people at a time. At the exactly moment I received a note from them saying that it seemed I had a bot doing that and asking me to change my password. I did that. After this happened, I was shadowbanned. The problem is that it was me and not a bot who did the unfollowing thing. Do you know anyone who was shadowbanned because of this? If so, do you know if their account became normal again?
    Thanks for the tips!!

    • Hi Graziele!
      That’s really strange. 10 is a really low number. We’ve received emails from users that got restricted after unfollowing 100s of followers manually. But their accounts got back to normal, they sent us screenshots of their impressions. You should be fine.
      Have you been action blocked in the past? That might’ve been the reason why you were only able to unfollow 10 of your followers at once.

      • Hi!!! Thanks for your reply!!
        Yes… but that was it. Only ten followers manually. A long time ago I was blocked for likes and coments for a reason I don’t really know, but it only lasted a few hours.
        I don’t have a bot service installed and have never used it. the account is not for profit (it is athlete’s). after that, I even checked the hashtags and found one from over a year ago that was blocked, but I believe it was because only I posted with it. when I deleted it from my posts, it stopped appearing as blocked.
        And I agree with your tips. I was 48 hrs doing nothing on the account and it was the same as nothing. I also switched from business to personal. Nothing changed. I am curious to know if usually the shadowban ends, or if you know any account that has not returned to normal. I want to think about what I should
        Thank you very much for the attention!!

        • Accounts that get shadowbanned recover as you can see in the insights-screenshots we provided in the article.
          There are users that complain about not getting back to normal. There can be many factors that can restrict your account for good.
          But you shouldn’t be worried. You never used bots and none of your posts got ever deleted.

  7. Hey guys!

    So what happened is my acc was getting reach around 1-2mil views per post a few days ago with amazing reach and growing super fast. All of a sudden one of my posts got flagged for ‘nudity and removed …. but it was an error in the algorithm… so I reported that and the post got re-instated again after about 20mins. Straight after that the last 3-4 posts now have 0 reach and dropped from 1mil views to 3k views instantly.

    So it seems like although it was an error …. my account has been completely shut down on the explore reach to 0 but yet there is still some very minimal
    Hashtag activity.

    This is the worst !!! Do you think this is going to go back to normal!??

    • Hey Shaun!
      That’s annoying. A shadowban usually hides your posts from hashtags completely and you shouldn’t be getting any activity from hashtags.
      Did you try to find your videos in the hashtags?

  8. Thanks for answering all these questions. So much help!
    I still cannot understand if my acc was shadowbanned or not. Probbaly though. Can this ban appear when someone reports you? I was recently active with stories, where I’m eating a cucumber – for my family it was a vulgar action ( lol..) so maybe they have reported me.
    Anyhow, the error that I get mainly is that it is impossible to edit my profile, confirm my email. Impossible to make any changes. Is this usual for the shadowbanned account or is it a different reason? Bug?…


    Thanks a lot!

    • Hey Dei!
      Interesting theory! You can get shadowbanned by getting a post taken down that was reported a lot. Have you received any notifications from IG? Check if your posts appear in the hashtags.
      Not being able to edit a profile isn’t an effect of a shadowban.
      Might just be a bug. I don’t think IG would actively stop users from editing their accounts. Tell us if anything changes!
      EDIT: Your engagement rate is pretty high! From my external POV, there’s nothing that implies you’re shadowbanned.

  9. Hey, recently I found out I was shadow banned. I was action blocked for about a day and when that went off I was shadowbanned. It’s currently day 5 of the shadowban. My post aren’t I’m Any hashtag and I was only replying to comments when I got action blocked. Will my account be fine after the 2 weeks or will it be longer?

  10. Hi so i believe I’ve been shadowbanned. I know ig is now automatated but I’ve last logged in nov 17th 19. I was blocking and removing followers but since then I guess all I could or should do is wait until the 14 day period

    • Why do you think you are shadowbanned? You don’t have to log out. You can keep interacting with your followers and even posting. Just don’t waste your best content and wait till the shadowban is over.

  11. Hi! Thank you for the post, it was very useful when I got shadowbanned two months ago (I’m a sewing account, and got a story removed because someone reported it for nudity, there was an art painting from the XVII century of mother nature with naked breasts). No big deal, after 14 days everything got back to normal. 90% of my posts would reach the explore page before and after the ban. Then by late Oct I started having VERY low reach, and none of my posts ever get to the explore page anymore, even if content is the same as before. I show up in #, but not in the explore tab. Is this something that can be linked to the shadowban I got? It’s very frustrating, because even though I’m not a professional account, I like interacting with new people with same interests via my posts.
    Thank you!!

  12. Hey, since I wasn’t aware of the ‘follow ‘& ‘unfollow ‘ rules of instagram. I was just randomly following and unfollowing many accounts randomly and then I got a pop up msg saying that “the action is blocked “.
    I do run a business page and keep promoting constantly, but now for the last 10 days I’m not able to like, follow or unfollow any profile .
    On the least I could not even reply to my comments, and badly I couldn’t type in the description of my post also,about the details of the products that I need to sell.

    But the previous post that I had posted before 10 days, with hashtags, I can easily find them in the explore area

    So am I shadowbaned? In the case?

    • Looks like an action block, not a shadowban. Did they say for how long your actions have been blocked? Have you been action blocked in the past?

      • Yes I have been action blocked for 2 times in the past, but not so much time it was max for 24 hrs only
        But this time it is 12 days now and I still get the same action block message, without mentioning any time limit

        • That’s bad. I don’t know of any working solution for action blocks. The duration of the action blocks increases, that’s for sure. There are plenty of videos on youtube about that. We haven’t been able to test them yet. Usually, you just gotta wait it out.

  13. All I get when I follow a link to instagram is a blank page with a grey instagram logo. When I type in the url to my own instagram page I get the same thing. Nothing. This has been going on for almost 48 hours now and I check the email linked to the account and no notifications from instagram. What is going on? This doesn’t sound like a shadowban. Please help.

    • It ain’t a shadowban. Looks like a bug. If that’s the case, there’s not much you can do. But those things usually get fixed pretty fast. Don’t worry!

  14. So with the unfollowing and blocking accounts is it still 14 day period. Do still get to log back in even though ig won’t let me since the 17th of nov. my profile and photos are still visible to the public

    • If you are action blocked, the 14 days period doesn’t apply. That’s just the duration of a shadowban.
      You receive a notification from Instagram informing you about your action block.
      Even if you are action blocked or shadowbanned, you will always be able to log in. If that’s not possible, your account might be blocked.

      • I never received a message stating I was action blocked or shadow banned. I just haven’t been able to log in even after I’ve changed my password since the 17th of nov. I was unfollowing and blocking people since then I’ve been logged out and can’t get in at all.
        That being said if I was blocked could it be for the unfollowing and blocking accounts cause that’s as far as I would know and how could I get unblocked if my account is still visible to the public?

        • That’s really strange. All accounts that get blocked/banned, stay visible. You usually don’t get banned for unfollowing. The only thing you can do now is to contact IG support.

          • How can I contact them when I go to the app, I type in my username then I press get more help and it’s just information that you can google too. Or when I press forgot password, send both text link and email link get the code to log in and it asks me to change password then goes off to browser saying “ we’re sorry something went wrong we are working on it go back “ and through text I get into where I can choose which account to log in cause I have two accounts then change password and when I (go/return )it won’t open my profile and stays at homepage and everything’s cleared off as if it were gonna log me in but doesn’t.
            But I can still log into my second account and see my first one. I haven’t been logged in my first account since the 17th of nov so I can’t report a problem or add account, I am visible to the public

          • If it’s a bug for having more accounts how long should I wait to try and reinstall and long back in
            I’ve already changed IP address and resetting my iPhone

          • Tried to deactivate account and it says it’s an active account but I can’t get in.
            Went to the support thing and filled in my information as if it’s been hacked. Now the waiting game

          • So I’ve sent out that request but it’s an active account. I press on the link you’ve sent me and it says url can’t be read because it’s not a valid user, when I log into the browser ig and insert my username and password then it goes to a new page where I have to recreate a new password and it won’t change. “ sorry something went wrong. Please try again”
            I then receive a email seconds later saying “ we notice a new login, ****** ” and I can clearly still see my profile picture so it is me. My account is still visible to the public. I’ve waited 14 days, then another 48hours and since then it’s been less info and a struggle to get in but I still CANT refresh anything. I can’t log in when it’s saying I am through my emails. I’ve tried the shit on YouTube, installed, reinstalled. Cleared cache, offloaded the app
            Sent request
            Tried the laptop browser
            “Forgot password”
            “Need more help”
            I’ve received codes through text messages and emails but nothing yet
            Since nov 17th

          • How tf is an active account blocked out of its own account.
            I can see my profile in other accounts but can’t even log into my own when I receive emails 1.5 secs later that they’ve noticed a new login but can’t see anything. It stays at its homepage before the actual login

  15. I have 2 accounts and I believe both of them are shadowbanned. I firs noticed few weeks ago my posts are not showing under hashtags on both accounts.
    I stopped all activity 19 days ago, tried to post on each account today and both post are still not showing on those hashtags so Im just getting likes from people that follow me and its lastin more than 14 days for sure. Maybe even for months. I can follow, like or comment. Is there a chance that this can be permanent ? I have always used just legit hashtags, under 30, niche related. Only reason I can think of is that i used Gramblr to post in history and after it was closed I was posting from chrome browser.

    • I thought Gramblr was taken down months ago.
      Do you get 0 impressions from hashtags? The weird thing is that both of your accounts got restricted.
      We hear from many users on Reddit that their shadowbans last longer than 14 days, but never saw any proof or screenshots from the analytics. All the Instagrammers that reached out to us, confirm that their shadowbans lasted for exactly 14 days.
      Did you ever get shadowbanned before?

      • Both accounts are set as private not business. Update… I uninstalled Instagram app from my phone, and never logged in on both accounts since I wrote last post until today (around 2 weeks again) . I posted a 2 posts on both accounts today and it doesn’t show on any hashtags I used so this is obviously lasting for moths. I can just get likes from people that follow me. As I know I was never banned before this started to happen. I also have a Third account that I haven’t used for years and i tested it and it works fine on all hashtags. Seriously I dont remember when was gramblr taken down but I think this started about that time. Is there anything that you can suggest me to try ? Things I did already involve deleting hashtags from last 20-30 posts, not posting for weeks, not logging in for weeks, disabling all aps from instagram, reinstalling instagram iphone app etc. BTW one more thing happened, I changed email on one of the accounts, and after I confirmed the email first post after that worked on all hashtags but the next one was again not showing under any.
        Could one get banned for posting from Chrome from a pc without any other tools?

        • If your accounts are set to private, your posts won’t appear in the hashtag section. Only public accounts get featured on hashtags.

  16. Hi . I’m Iranian I’m sorry if i can’t type in english i hope you understand my Instagram has deleted one of my posts and then my posts no longer appear in hashtag and explorer for more than two months this has been a problem for me Come can you help me?

    • Hey Dariush! That is odd. Why did IG delete your post? Do you receive 0 impressions from hashtags? Did that ever happen before?

      • My posts are shown in hashtags, but very few. But in Explorer 0.
        2 months ago My post was deleted due to violence and my posts will no longer appear in Explorer

  17. Hey, so I was sent some cannibis edibles, not really thinking i put them on my storys and tagged who sent me them. Since that every post has liturally had maybe 1-6% out my following every pst before was hitting around 20-40k reach with 90% out my following. I believe the page of the person who sent me them is shadow baned alot i assume for selling them and by tagging them its like ive been hit with a restriction too. Ive had no warnings etc but it lines up too well. Any idea what is happening and if it can be sorted?

    • Hey, you don’t get shadowbanned for tagging a shadowbanned account. And you can’t be sure if that acc is actually shadowbanned. There’s been an overall drop in story views lately. IG is cracking down on mass views. What about your posts? Are they still reaching enough users?

      • Hey, you don’t get shadowbanned for tagging a shadowbanned account. And you can’t be sure if that acc is actually shadowbanned. There’s been an overall drop in story views lately. IG is cracking down on mass views. What about your posts? Are they still reaching enough users?

  18. Hi i have been shadow banned for the past 11 days now, no idea why, i didn’t change the way i post and i havnt posted anything that was against the guidelines, i was using the same hashtags for most of my posts, some were different but i had still used them before and had no problems! none of the hashtags are broken but one day my posts just randomly stopped being seen in the hashtags and i wasnt getting on the explore page at all anymore. my engagement dropped significantly and i started losing more followers than i was gaining each day, usually i gained 200 or so a day and no i get like 4 followers, what do i do? why do you think this may have happened to me 😥

    • Hey! The only thing you can do is wait. If it’s your first time, it takes 14 days. It’s hard to tell why you got shadowbanned without looking at your account and the post that triggered it. Using the same hashtags over and over again might have been the cause. If you post many photos with the same hashtags, IG might think you are spamming.

  19. Nah its my posts that completely lost the reach after I shared them on my storys, It doesnt just seem like a drop in engagement cause it went to liturally 0% out my following. I assumed because I basically promoted something illegal on my storys that was why I got hit with a ban

  20. Awesome post, thanks a million!
    I’ve started (experimenting) with Instagram a month ago and can say that there also appears to be a max follow limit of 60 users per hour. Twice I got action blocked when I went over this limit. Now it’s day 3 of the action block with the addition that my last post didn’t get visits through hashtags so I’m now suspecting am shadow ban as well. Unfortunately organic gros seems awful nowadays. Following people gives me 3x more grow and Is actually fun to do as well as my network really grows.
    – Any idea if trying to follow accounts again and getting an action block pop up causes the action block waiting time to reset and you have to start over again with waiting?
    – Does using the same hashtag twice cause the post to get ignored? This could explain my last post not get any hashtag attention.


    • Hey!
      1. If you get action blocked multiple times, the duration of the blocks increases.
      2. Usually, using the same hashtags on many posts can get you shadowbanned because IG thinks you’re spamming. But you would need to do it multiple times.

      • Hello. I run an IG account which was having an excellent growth. A couple weeks ago, my posts stopped showing up in explore page. However, now my posts are showing up in top hashtag section but not in the recent hashtag section. Also, people who are reposting my posts, all are showing up is recent hashtag section, using the same hashtag I used. I’ve completely lost my non-follower engagement as well as my follower growth has stopped completely. I received multiple emails stating I’m violating a brand but they all were fake as they were asking for my account information including passwords. Please tell me what’s going on I’m really confused. Thanks.

  21. Hello I have been using Instagram for a while now and I use hashtags and they worm perfectly but now I used many hash tags in my recent post and it is getting very low views and I posted this hours ago. I am not sure if I am shadowbanned because my OTHER past Post’s still appear in hashtags and my recent post appeared in one hashtags with very few Post’s. I am here because I am not sure if I am shadow banned and my recent post is getting little views even with the use of trending hashtags and this is very unusual.

  22. hi… i also have a shadowban and also an location ban i think. i can enter all tags and location but nobody can see me but my followers. I think it is because i followed in a little time maybe 50 accounts… but then it said over two days your ban will be expire now i can post again but nobody can see me. what is this? it has been 6 days now i dont know what to do, this really sucks

  23. so… i started a new IG account to post my hipstagram photos…. all original images that i’ve shot strictly with that app. i uploaded from the app which will generate a hashtag for the app and for the “film” and “lens” combo for the image. after the 28th image, IG stopped including the hashtags. when i tried to edit to add the info back in, i got an error that the action was blocked and something about protecting the community.

    what has happened and what can i do? did i upload too many images too quickly?

    i run 2 other IG accounts, both of which i use consistent hashtags, and i’ve never had this happen.

    thank you for any advice.


  24. I have an account for singing and I noticed my views & likes dropped, a lot! I use a lot of hashtags though, and in my stories have used “@instagram” a few times & other “@‘s” – does that get you shadow banned? And what about using a follower service to gain followers? If I used one one time for a thousand followers will that get me banned? I noticed from another account my videos not coming up in hashtags – but I have paid Instagram’s service in the past to promote my videos and have gotten thousands of views and comments & likes.. I’m confused and would hate to have to start another account. I’m hoping you’ll be able to help me, thank you so much!! My recent video got 40 views without using Instagram’s services to promote – I used to get at least 500 views alone 😢

  25. Hello. I noticed today that all my photos that were very popular fell very low in the individual # and do not show up high, although a lot of people like them. I removed followers who are not from the beauty industry. Once I was blocked for 24 hours a week, the second time, and for the third time I received a warning that my account could be operated by boot. Although I have never used any companies or app. My photos show in # recently added but in the most popular ones they fell very low and they are all next to each other just like on my profile. Will this blockade give up sometime ??? The account is my company one and I also use promoted campaigns. What to do???

  26. Hey, looks like I’ve been shadowbanned. No idea why though, I’m a relatively new page, with 8 photos mostly regarding to sport and used hashtags that weren’t banned. Reported it but still unsure what’s going on??

  27. i was shadow banned recently for a picture that apparently went against their guild lines. Before the ban i had a lot of hashtag post in the top section of hashtags as well as being on explore page. I waited out the 14 days and my hashtags were able to be seen again in the recent hashtag tab however it seems to me that i can no longer get on explore page or get on the top page tab for hashtags anymore. Is there a permanent ban on this after being shadow banned ? Anybody know or experience this ? Thank you

  28. Hello! Thank you for this article! I’ve been wondering all week why my reach suddenly tanked on Monday and while reading this article, I remembered that Monday was the same day I got a weird message from Instagram. I didn’t know what it meant (I still don’t), so I just ignored it. Here’s what it said:
    “You aren’t eligible to use the branded content tag” . What on earth does that mean?? My reach went from 56-60% not following me to 2% and had stayed that low ever since Monday…

  29. Hello! Sorry for disturbing you but I am so confused and do not know what happened.Can I be in the Shadowban if I see all my posts on hashtags( and some people(around 3-4 )not from my followers “like” those pictures) but when I check through It shows that every post is banned (and so with every new post) . Also I think that my engagement is lower that it use to be before. I want to say that I don’t do anything wrong and I have a small account of myself , so I can’t understand what the problem is. Thank you for your help.
    Sorry if my English is bad it’s not my native language:(

  30. Hey! I’ve tried creating promotions but they stay in the approval stage for hours and hours.. do you know if this is a sign of ban?

  31. Hi,
    My page posts many women in bikini’s. I noticed instagram have removed 2 of my posts without giving me the notifications that i have violated their guidelines. Just poof, gone.
    Do you know if IG count these as violations? or is it something else causing them to be removed?
    Thank you

  32. I was temporarily blocked and i can’t like or comment on pictures…I can’t even post using hashtags…my followers keep reducing….and it said the block will expire on the 13th of April which is today and till now I’m still unable to like or comment on pictures

    • You got action blocked, not shadowbanned. Just wait out for the rest of the day. The notification you got from IG is legit and it should expire on the given date.
      EDIT: How did it work out?

  33. Hi. I’m currently on day 6 of my shadowban (second time being shadowbanned, first was in December 2019). I’ve created a backup account and linked it to my main using multi-account login. If I follow people on that backup account (sticking to the limits), will it possibly affect the length of the shadowban on my main account? Also with it being my second time being shadowbanned on my main account (first was a few months ago), will the shadowban possibly last longer than 14 days? With it being a post-actionblock shadowban, will that change anything too?

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  35. My hashtag insights disappeared and I am running a giveaway with a brand. Not sure what happened. So I followed what most people do and I made a mistake of turning my creator account to personal. How can I fix my insights?

  36. Hi, I was recently shadowbanned and it trully lasted 2 weeks. During that period I posted once or twice and then I stopped posting.

    After the 2 week period when the shadowban was lifted, I have noticed that the reach/impressions have dropped dramatically. For instance, before the shadowban, I would get something like 200-300 reach from Home and 100-300 reach from Hashtags, now after the shadowbann was lifted I get 100-110 reach from home and 1-15 reach from Hashtags. I assume this drop has to do with the shadowban.

    Before the shadowban period, I would use 20-27 hashtags, after the shadowban thing, I started using on average 15 hashtags, because once I used over 20 and I had just a couple of impressions from hashtags.

    I was shadowbanned on 4th of April night, Shadowban was lifted on 18th of April noon (I know that because I have a branded hashtag and the posts were appearing for that hashtag, while they were not during the shadowban period).

    Is this drop normal? Shall I do anything more, except for the obvious thing, which is to not violate policies again? Will it ever come back to normal again? 🙂 Thank you in advance. I hope I can get a reply.


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