Instagram Insights: What does “from other” in your impressions mean?

Instagram Insights can provide much useful information for you to adjust your Instagram strategy. Your Instagram Insights reveal where your impressions come from but leave space for questions with: “From other”.

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Instagram Insights: From other

Impressions from other include:

  • Shares (your post/video has been shared in direct messages or outside the Instagram app)
  • Saves (your post/video has been saved in the Instagram app to be viewed later)
  • Tags (posts/videos from other Instagram users, who tagged you)
  • Mentions (posts from other Instagram users, who mentioned you in the caption)
  • Notifications (your posts/videos that show up in the “FOLLOWING” tab in the notifications)

How to increase Instagram impressions “from other”?

There are multiple ways for you to increase your Instagram Impressions “from other”,

Post funny content

Funny posts are more likely to be shared via DM’s or even outside of Instagram.

Post educational content

Educational posts are more likely to be saved by Instagram users.

Tag and mention other accounts

Collaborating with other accounts from your niche can help you in different ways. You increase the chances of other accounts in your niche to tag or mention you.

Why impressions “from other” are so important

Many Instagrammers’ main goal is to be featured on the Explore page. Reaching the front of Instagram can be hard but worthwhile. It gets you a lot of exposure and new followers. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But many ignore their “from other” impressions and only focus to increase other traffic sources such as hashtags. But “from other” can be interpreted as a quality index of your posts. Think about it. It actually represents how many users go beyond liking and commenting on your post and even share it with their friends. Saving your posts and videos also means that you provide valuable content to your audience.  Getting mentioned and tagged in other users’ posts often, means that you are respected and well-known in your niche because of your high-quality content. 

Never ignore your numbers. They help you understand your audience and improve your Instagram strategy.

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