Instagram Niche Case Study 2019: Fashion Accounts Analysis

We analyzed 100 fashion influencer accounts for this case study. Ranging from influencers with just a few thousand followers to brand ambassadors with several millions of followers. We analyzed their engagement rage, the use of hashtags and tags in their posts and other important factors. 

We analyzed the results and created graphics for you to consider in your Instagram marketing strategy. During researching we discovered interesting findings in the Instagram fashion niche. Make sure you check out the tips to grow as a fashion influencer or brand on Instagram.

The engagement rate of Instagram fashion accounts

instagram engagement rate fashion niche

We calculated an average engagement rate of 3,28% for the Instagram fashion niche. 

Fashion influencers with a small following (less than 100k following) have a significantly higher engagement rate than fashion influencers with more followers.  This is not surprising. This phenomenon can be seen across all niches. The more followers you have, the higher the share of fake followers, which reduce your engagement.

instagram engagement rate for fashion accounts

This chart shows you the distribution of different engagement rates for the number of followers.

It shows us that fashion accounts with a following of less than 100k have the highest engagement rates, while accounts with a higher following have an engagement rate of about 2%.

Growth tip: Use videos to boost your engagement

We noticed that almost no fashion influencer is posting videos. There might be different reasons for that (too costly), but videos on Instagram generate 49% more interactions than static photos. You should use that for your advantage and create videos to land on the explore page. Here you can find other useful tips to increase your engagement.

How often do Instagram fashion influencers post?

The number of posts an influencer shares is an indication for the influencer’s activeness. Fashion influencers post on average 19 times in a period of 14 days. The number of posts shared in this period of time ranges between 8 – 48. 

Fashion accounts with a following of 500k-1M seem to be the most active accounts in the niche with 29 posts on average. Fashion accounts in the fashion niche that exceed the 1M benchmark are less active and only share 10 posts on average.

How many advertisements do influencers post?

The share of sponsored posts or posts intended to earn money, is exceptionally high in the Instagram fashion niche. Half of all the posts we analyzed, 50,22%, were monetized and were advertisements of products of brands or other fashion companies.

Growth Tip: Post more often, less ads

Try to post at least 2 times a day at peak times. Consistency is key here. It might be hard to post that often, but it will be worth it. Your followers are checking their feeds a few times a day. Your engagement will increase and so will your follower count. 

How many hashtags to use in the Instagram fashion niche?

The average number of hashtags used in a post by a fashion influencer is 4,09 hashtags. This number is slightly higher than the overall Instagram average of 1-3 hashtags used in a post. 

Most of the hashtags used by fashion influencers were branded hashtags. Branded hashtags are hashtags that are unique to a business.

Growth tip: Step up your hashtag game

Hashtags are one of the few ways to reach a wider audience. They are a very important tool to grow your community. That’s why you should consider using more than just 4 hashtags in your post. You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post. That doesn’t mean you should use that many. Try to incorporate your hashtags into the text of your caption to give it a natural look. Slacking 10 hashtags at the end of your caption just doesn’t look professional and is not what Instagram had in mind. 

If you have a highly active audience, you should create your own branded hashtag and make your followers use it to. Check out this guide, if you want to master the hashtags on Instagram. 

How many accounts do fashion influencers tag in their posts?

The average Instagram fashion influencer tags 2.38 other accounts in a post. 72% of those tags are fashion brands or companies. 

Growth Tip: Tag the right people in your posts

The best practice in the fashion niche is to tag the brands of the clothes you are wearing. Keep doing that. But what about tagging other influencers from your niche? This might have many positive effects. 

  • You gain new followers from the other account’s “tagged” section
  • You get in touch with other influencers. Networking is always important
  • You get tagged back from other accounts and gain new followers

Grow your own fashion account

We hope you found the case study interesting and helpful. Take the insights of this niche into account when creating your own marketing strategy. Our growth tips hopefully provide some actionable help to improve your Instagram performance.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Leave a comment down below or shoot us an email.

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