How to Join Instagram Engagement Groups?

Engagement groups are a great way to boost your engagement in the early phase after posting a photo or video. Your posts get flooded with likes and comments right after posting. This makes it easier for you to hit the explore page of Instagram, which will boost your content even further. But how do you join engagement groups on Instagram?

There are multiple ways to join free and paid engagement groups.

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Free Instagram Engagement Groups

This guide will show you how to join free engagement groups for Instagram. There are also paid groups you can join, but we don’t think that they are worth the money. They only offer additional services or the option to join smaller niche groups. You will get the engagement you are looking for in the free groups.

How to Find Instagram Engagement Groups on Telegram?

  1. Search for Telegram engagement groups on Google. There are many free groups out there. It will be harder for you to find groups related to your niche, but you can start with a general group. If you are having issues finding a group, you can check out the BoostGram and WolfGlobal engagement groups.
  2. Have you found a group that suits you? Create a free Telegram account. You can use Telegram’s mobile app as well as the desktop app.
  3. Join the group within the app and read the rules before participating. Each group has its own rules. Ignoring the rules will usually result in a warning. Multiple warnings will get you kicked out of the group.
instagram engagement group telegram

How to Find Instagram Engagement Groups on Reddit?

  1. Reddit is a great place to get up to date on any subject. r/Instagram and r/InstagramMarketing are subreddits dedicated to Instagram. Check out the subreddits.
  2. You can use the subs search function to find posts of users looking to create engagement groups or create a post yourself. People are always eager to find new engagement pods and to get in touch with like-minded Instagrammers.
  3. The groups are not organized on Reddit. If you drop your Instagram handle in the comments, you will usually be invited to a DM group on Instagram.

How to Find Instagram Engagement Groups on Discord?

  1. Discord servers are a great place for Instagram engagement groups, but it’s pretty hard to find them. There are free online tools that allow you to search for specific servers. Disboard is such a listing tool.
  2. Use the search function to find engagement groups you might be interested in.
  3. Simply press the “Join Now” button and you are good to go. You might need to be accepted first by an admin, but you will find the rules in the main server channel.

How to Join DM Groups on Instagram?

The easiest engagement groups to get in are DM pods on Instagram. Only 15 users can make up a DM pod. Users in these groups are usually from the same niche and can not only like and give comments to each other, but also help each other out and answer questions.

  1. Look for accounts in your niche that show high engagement and have a high following.
  2. Ask if you can join their engagement groups or if they want to join your own group.
Instagram engagement dm pod

Try out engagement groups! They are a very common tool to grow on Instagram. Most influencers are not talking about it, but you can be sure, they are part of more than just one engagement group.

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