Is Display Purposes the only Instagram Hashtag Finder You Need?

Using relevant hashtags is key on Instagram. It will get you more exposure through hashtags and your content will be shown to interested users. So, is Display Purposes the right tool to get you to the top of your niche?

What is Display Purposes?

Display Purposes is a free hashtag generator tool.  It creates lists of relevant hashtags you can use for your Instagram (or other social media) posts. You can enter a hashtag in the generator to find related hashtags or you can use the map function, which allows you to search for tags in your area. A new feature lets you find banned hashtags from your posts. This could especially be helpful if you think that you are shadowbanned.

How does Display Purposes work and what does it do?

Find related Instagram hashtags

hashtag generator display purposes

Display Purposes lets you enter a hashtag in the search function. It then generates a list of related hashtags. The tool looks for hashtags that are used in combination with the tag you entered. The hashtags in the list are then sorted by relevance and popularity. A high relevance means that this tag is often used with the hashtag you entered above. High popularity means that this hashtag is used very often (independent from the tag you entered).

An additional feature is that Display Purposes filters all banned hashtags out to make sure that you won’t get shadowbanned for using spammy tags.

Banned Hashtags on Display Purposes

If the filter for banned hashtags works, it should look like this:

banned hashtags on Display Purposes

#snowstorm is a banned hashtag and the tool shows no results. The screenshot beneath shows that #snowstorm is actually banned.  Works fine, right?

snowstorm banned hashtag

Well, we ran a list of banned hashtags through Display Purposes and found multiple inconsistencies. 

One such error is #beautybloggers. That tag is banned as well:

beautyblogger banned hashtag

But Display Purposes didn’t filter that one out:

beautyblogger related hashtags

It created a hashtag list including the banned hashtag. 

We don’t know how Display Purposes checks for banned hashtags, but it isn’t working. We recommend checking for banned hashtags manually in your Instagram app.

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Find and remove banned Instagram hashtags from your profile

remove banned hashtags with Display Purposes

Finding banned Instagram hashtags used in the past is Display Purposes’ newest function. This can only be useful if you think that you are already shadowbanned. But since it’s hashtag generator doesn’t filter out all banned hashtags, we don’t think there is any reason to use this feature to check if you have used banned hashtags in the past. 

If that’s why you are here, you should jump over to our shadowban article that explains everything in detail.

Discover relevant hashtags in your area

discover relevant hashtags in your area with displaypurposes

Finding relevant hashtags in your local area can be hard. Display Purposes can help here. Clicking on the MAP-button in the top will open a map of the world. Now you have to zoom in to find hashtags in your targeted area. This feature is actually pretty nice. The only problem is that it only shows hashtags with a certain amount of posts (high popularity). Moreover, you won’t find any tags in rural areas. It will only show you posts in urbanized regions or tourist hotspots.

Check out the relation between Instagram hashtags

relation between Instagram hashtags Display Purposes

The last of Display Purposes’ features we want to cover Is the graph. By clicking on GRAPH, a node diagram of the hashtag entered will be created. The brighter a node, the more relevant it is to your tag. This is simply a visualized version of the hashtag list. It actually serves no purpose other than looking pretty.

A review of Display Purposes

All in all, Display Purposes is a useful hashtag tool for Instagram marketers and influencers. It does its job. Finding relevant hashtags. And that’s it. We wouldn’t recommend it for anything else. Its filter for banned hashtags is lacking. Imagine using a banned hashtag in your post and getting your account flagged for that. Because of that we think that the “Scan profile” feature isn’t useful as well.

Basics of Instagram Hashtags

  • You can use up to 30 hashtags in a post
  • You can use up to 10 hashtags in your story
  • You can put the hashtags in a comment or the caption
  • Mix up low volume hashtags with more popular tags
  • Instagram can ban certain hashtags (spam, ToS violation)

If you want to master the Instagram’s hashtag game, check out our hashtag guide and  you will find out how to avoid banned hashtags and how to use tags to grow your account.

Any questions or suggestions? Leave us a comment or shoot us an email! We would appreciate it.

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